How to make a newspaper article?

Ministry directions. In introducing the typology tests b it is specified: “develop the chosen topic in the form of a” short essay “or a newspaper article using the documents and data that accompany it. For those who choose the second option the following constraints are given:

– identify in the documents and in the data provided one or more elements that seem relevant and build the piece on them

– give the article an appropriate title

– indicate the type of newspaper on which it is supposed to be published (newspaper, specialist journal, school newspaper, other).

– Update the topic by referring to imaginary or real circumstances (exhibitions, anniversaries, conferences or important events)

– Extension of 4 / 5columns


– An initial clarification: the “newspaper article” category is generic. On the basis of the types of arguments and the indications spelled out in the type b traces, two possible solutions can be hypothesized: a comment article (such as background article) that takes its cue from an element of the documentation and with this purpose develop a pertinent argument that interweaving knowledge and personal opinions, or an article to be placed on the cultural page that develops a thematic path starting from the given documentation, using it partially or in full according to the preferred opportunity.

However, other possibilities are not excluded: eg. a review of one of the works cited (if it is known in depth), or of an imaginary anthology of documents on a certain topic (assuming it is plausible) using the documentation in this sense, an article reporting a known fact concerning the topic assigned, in which to insert comments based on the documentation … ..

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE HOW YOU DO IT – This is a text of an argumentative type, which must present a guiding idea (or a common thread) and must support it (or develop it) with appropriate arguments, based on knowledge and sensible personal opinions, culturally founded and not on clichés of the type “since ancient times man … ..”, “I heard on TV …” “yes yes, the seasons are no longer as they once were, etc. etc. In the case of a comment article, counterarguments and their refutation should preferably also be presented.

– The article must consequently have a good argumentative system with well-organized paragraphs, which correspond to a clear and effective argumentative project.

– In general, the conclusions do not concentrate at the end; on the contrary, the tendency is to introduce the new topic that the paragraph will develop at the beginning of each paragraph. Thus the guiding idea of the entire article is sometimes expressed at the beginning of the piece.

– Segmented style: short periods, nominal style and use of many points ARTICLE OF NEWSPAPER – Two possible stylistic models: a dry, incisive, precise style, without unnecessary complexity and bureaucratic tones, without stereotypes and clichés, with moderate use of figures rhetoric; or a brilliant style that, while maintaining brevity and precision, uses specific technical terms and linguistic loans (foreign words) in expressive function (with possible quick explanations, to avoid obscurity) and more frequent and effect rhetorical figures. Being in our case a school production and not having the rhetorical technique with certainty, it is advisable to avoid excesses or sudden falls in style.